1 Month With A Personal Trainer: RESULTS

 I probably haven’t worked out in a year where I didn’t like start crying immediately haven’t worked out at gym like ever probably so I want to overcome all the deep stuff that is written in that didn’t like get back to where I will be working arrow it’s like a fun thing and I feel good it’s 110 when you walk around I think it’s more we just did by then that’s I mean it’s a gnarly goal but I want to work toward this [Music] so I just finished my first run slash walk no my pace was an 18 minute mile we are in northern Wisconsin I’m still very tired but mentally the tank is not as difficult as other hikes have been tough thumbs up one bullet with 30 pounds I’m trying to figure out the right balance because I want to work really hard the last couple sessions we’ve had a close encounter right so I have to learn like what I need to eat we’ve only been working out for like 15 minutes it’s 6:30 a.

right now and I woke up a couple hours ago I woke up at like around 4:00 a.m. because I was so hungry like overwhelmingly hungry like I woke up and was like I’m gonna pass out and once I get food right now and that has been the hardest part of this whole workout journey like right after I work it out I feel awesome I feel energized I feel like great but then within usually a couple hours I started to feel so sick and so weak and like really easily lightheaded basically just don’t know what I need to do differently because this is not sustainable making some peanut butter toast and then I also had a smoothie and a chicken quesadilla haven’t all at 4:00 in the morning I didn’t have a lot of anxiety about food before this that I was aware of but I feel like it’s kind of coming out because I have to eat so much more which is kind of like I don’t know kind of a weird feeling in this video I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight or gain weight I when we did that first assessment he said that I was already at a really healthy weight like if I feel hungry I feel almost good about myself and if I feel full I feel sort of like afraid of like eating too much so that’s why it’s been kind of a weird time with feeling Stoffel and then so hungry so full so hungry and I feel like because that’s been happening a lot more since I’ve been working out and then trying to eat a lot it’s just playing with my emotions a little bit and I’m like becoming more aware of the anxiety that I have around and it’s all like very unhealthy that’s why I’m doing this video because I wanted to face my fears and I feel like this is kind of that underlying layer um it’s kind of weird to talk about this online because I want to be sensitive everyone has their own views on all this so this is totally an individual personal process but I just thought it’d be cool to you know keep vlogging I just want to be really honest about where I’m at and like share everything because that’s kind of the point of vlogging is to take you guys along on my journey sher where I’m at so main things I’m going to try to do more art drink a lot of water eat more protein make sure I’m eating enough make sure I’m getting plenty of rest I’m gonna take it easy I was working out like five days a week at first cuz that was kind of the plan but I think I decided that’s a little bit too often for me at least with the level of working out that we’re doing so I’m gonna try to take it slower and not work out as much at the beginning so it’s my peanut butter toast it’s waiting for me hopefully it’ll fill me up so I can go back to sleep so I asked you guys on Instagram for some tips I do think some of it is just adjusting to working out so much and so once I get used to that it’ll get better but a couple things that I decided to try this is collagen and it’s a powder and you can add it to your smoothies and stuff it’s basically just like a protein powder that you can add to anything but I wanted to go at the collagen because it’s tasteless I got this coconut water and I drink a ton of this also just more water in general this will help you stay hydrated because it also has electrolytes but then it also is high in potassium and I used the app My Fitness Pal decided just to check one day of food to see if I was like ballpark doing well and everything looked really good I was eating pretty balanced and even getting an almost enough protein but it did say I could have more carbs and more protein and it’s said that I was really low in potassium so the coconut water should help with that I’m assuming that most of this feeling of being so exhausted will just get better as I get used to working out I normally would get like seven hours of sleep and I’ve been trying to get more like eight or nine because I’ve been so tired I think that this is like just my body adjusting okay we just wrapped our final workout session well not a final well we’re gonna keep working out all right we we just wrapped our final session of this video before our workout this morning I was feeling a little discouraged because I don’t really know how do I summarize this for you do just like the body image stuff and connecting my own value a lot to my performance was hard and I feel like it’s a lot to ask to overcome that in a month basically I do feel a lot better as far as like fear of the gym itself like I would totally be comfortable going to the gym by myself now yeah we’re at the beginning I was like really nervous yeah you saw like a slight weight increase what spurred some like the discouragement yeah leading up to the conversation things that I have this fear that my body is completely out of my control I have these like specific discouragement that like I do a bad job in my body and that felt like what am I doing wrong like am i eating too much just like that but we’ve talked about the before how weight is not really the measurement to worry about with this type of thing and I think I knew that but I also was surprised maybe at how true it is because I’m going from never working out to working out really hard like usually at least twice a week more than that so I think in the back of my mind even though I said that that wasn’t a goal I think part of me was like assuming that that would just happen and I still don’t want it to be my goal because I know that it’s the least important but I think there is a part of my mind that was like disappointed about that and like put a lot more weight no pun intended on it but I think it’s also bigger than that and deeper than that and it’s more about just like about being perfect maybe like if there’s if I’m less than perfect with my body like if I I just wanted I always do everything right and if I ever have the feeling of like I’m doing something wrong that might be part of it I don’t know I’m still the spirit rambling because I’m still trying to figure out what was discouraging weight is gonna vary quite a bit for me and we looked at mine and there was a day that I went from weighing 150 5.

8 to 160 1.2 in a day and it’s like yeah I didn’t eat great you know it can seem like a big thing until you realize like it is gonna change a lot and it’s gonna go up and it’s gonna go down like that like you like it’s an OK thing as long as you don’t let it like run away from you right but if you do six pounds a day 30 days in a row then all of a sudden it’s a really you know it’s a really big problem yeah and so it’s like looking at it in that frame it’s like you know if you’re up compounds down coke pounds especially when you’re working out in training like yeah don’t freak out about it I think just like stay like consistent with what you’re doing on that second one right it’s like like if they’re striving for perfection our goal for the month was to get 5 workouts in a week which would come out to about 20 workouts a month right and you said you’re probably going about 2 to 3 times a week right which my goal is to do 5 and I was like committed I was like I’m sure gonna do 5 but that was a lot I did five workouts one week yeah and I was so I like passed out and had a panic attack after like one of the last ones of those so exhausted yeah so after that I was like after one week of doing fine work I don’t think I can’t do this anymore yeah our goal was to get 20 we said we might have got like 10 or 12 or so a month before you might have worked out like twice over the course of the whole month I mean any so didn’t be like oh we’re like eight you know yeah they work out short of our goal it was like a failure or it’s like we worked out 12 times in the months before we worked at once yeah so it’s like a twelve hundred percent increase on what we’ve been doing before you know which is like really really good if you could do anything twelve hundred percent better in 30 days like yeah that’s a really great place to start you know so talking about how there’s like you have like like five or ten years of like this like baggage type thing that that is impacting what you’re doing and you really had a goal for this month to like kind of overcome those things like a lot of things that take years and years and years to build up like they’re not going to go in 30 days but like you’ve made steps in the direction this month there was so many more days where you’re excited about working out then in the months prior and it’s like being okay with knowing that just because you have like a revelation one day and you’re like super motivated like you’re gonna have the down days too and that’s part of it and you don’t have to feel like there’s something wrong and I think I knew that to some degree with the physical stuff but you pointed out that it’s true the emotional stuff which I hadn’t really thought about like you said I have like 10 years of thinking one way so 30 days isn’t gonna just like flip it over but it is so much better than it was before and like when I came for my first training session with you I remember you checked my heartrate before we started and it was already like 110 or something yeah really hot so nervous yeah and now like I look forward to that part of it it’s like relaxing to work out I think yeah day one we did seated leg press you did 12 reps at 70 and you like felt like you’re gonna throw up after we finish oh yeah and then I said that my goal by the end of the month was to do 24 that was like my lofty goal you know that was like so that I can do 20 and feel good right right today I did 55 55 reps at 74 discourage this morning in donated fifty five reps on that and I was like okay yeah food the mindset I remember the first workout that we did when I was doing that exercise my mindset was like I’m so about it working out felt like that’s that’s why I’m doing this video so I’m gonna try and this time my mindset was like I am gonna do way more than 24 because I’m so mad that I still feel this way and I just like channeled my rage at like my discouragement and was like no I can do so many of these so just changing my I mean after a month of working out but still just changing my mindset from like I’m bad at working out to I am good at working out and I’m gonna do so many I’m more than doubled no more than more than doubled my goal but will you do it you like how many more time four or five the times yeah what you did initially done in every area I last time I think the push-ups were close I was like we did those last and it was yeah but you obviously very clearly got a lot stronger and I think like and your body’s gotten more used to that level of stress you know and it will continue to get more and more used to it you’re saying like feeling feeling like so worn out for like a few days after workouts like that’ll go away more as your body gets more and more used to like just that level of pretty heavy physical the first time that we worked out pretty much every exercise I felt like I was gonna pass out like I was like everything was pushing me at least mentally to that point and this time the only time I felt that way was after I think those push-ups okay yeah I know it was just for like a second like it wasn’t nearly what it was before even though I think I was still pushing myself just as hard but yeah I think I’ve gotten used to the feeling of like pushing myself really hard and your mind and your body and everything gets more and more you sure and then you’ll be doing an Ironman we didn’t double what we just did by then like that I mean it’s a gnarly goal but I want to work towards that here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I think those 55 really just did a few guys saw 55 reps we think we’ll probably check the number backwards I think we count at 55 reps at 70 pounds there’s something called that absolute formula was hopes which helps you calculate your one rep Matt so here it’s basically wonder if max equals weight times one plus reps we need a fifty five reps divided by 30 so that’s the formula so her one rep max for this machine has a hundred ninety eight pounds so what we’re gonna do is eighty at the 80% of your one rep max is about 155 pounds see we do it five times which is double what we started out doing we started out with 70 and like we did eight or twelve reps the first time and it was like a lot of hard work when I try 150 pounds five times yeah here we go it’s just five reps you can do anything five times good good keep breathing maintain that control nice and slow three four five [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you’re wondering max what the weight that you were polling was eighty five point one seven meaning that you would have been able to do one rep with about forty two pounds of tell now your current one rep max is ninety two point four seven about ninety two point five which means we would be able to do one rep at thirty four point five we added what seven pounds of what you can pull on your winner of Mac so if you add seven pounds a month for the following five months you can do a push-up do one rep and what’s the close to that thirty-six okay there you go shooting you got it keep pulling good I’m really happy with how the month went overall even though it was truly so much harder than I expected I feel really good about it overall and I think my body’s finally starting to adjust to just working out so my next two fitness goals are one to get certified as a trauma-informed yoga instructor it’s about a gold mine for a long time and I feel like now I’m kind of over the hump and I can get back into training with yoga and then my second goal is still to be able to do a pull-up which has been a goal since just the beginning of this month I talked about it in the first video and it’s no surprise that I still can’t do a pull-up a month later but my goal is to be able to do one five my birthday which is in six months so for the next six months I’m gonna be working on my pull-up training and my yoga training watch the first video you already know a little bit about Jake about to come out with a podcast let’s just try the time this is up it’s probably already out yeah so I’ll link it below you guys should definitely check it out if you’re interested in training and live in the LA area or you would like a virtual trainer which is basically we I ride out workout programs for you and we meet once a week to recap on how you’ve done check on some of your progress set new goals that sort of stuff if you’re interested in that just shoot with the DM on instrument is the easiest way to contact me for any of you guys that are that have like same type of anxiety as I do about the gym or you’re just worried about working out in front of people or you just don’t know what to do with the machines or something like that you should definitely try working with a personal trainer and the virtual thing is like genius so even if you’re not in LA area doing virtual meetings with Jake just so you can have somebody telling you like what to even do when you’re going to the gym because I know that’s why a lot of people are just stressed about doing that because they’re like what am I even gonna do when I go to the gym like the machines are scary and it’s kind of like if I go go on the treadmill or something yeah so if any of you are worried about that you should definitely contact Jake and find out more about that because I think I know for me that’s the main reason I’ve been able to make progress because I had somebody like coaching me along the way making sure I’m doing it the right way telling me what to do you let me know if you guys have any questions at all I seriously would love to talk about all of this I’ve obviously learned a ton in the last month and I’d love to help any of you guys out if you are going through something similar or just starting your fitness journey or if you have any questions about what I’ve learned but I’ve been eating what I have how I’ve been working out any of that stuff I would love to talk about it this has been like a really cool month for me so something I’d love to talk about it send me a message on Instagram comment below anything and we’ll chat it’s gonna be lots more videos in the series of overcoming my fears so I hope you guys are enjoying it also if you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel check out Jake’s podcast below and see you next time [Music] you [Music]

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